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Please refer to our Aquarius Organiser, and use your access code to keep an eye on any changes in term dates and fees. See BACS payment option below. You can download the term dates and fees from our Aquarius Organiser, thank you. The Term Dates and Fees can also be downloaded here.


Aquarius Swimming Club follow a programme of swimming based on term dates. See our notes below:


The Autumn term usually starts a week after the schools go back and finishes around two weeks before Christmas Day. The Spring term usually starts with the Schools at the start of January, and normally ends to fit School Term dates, this does tend to depend upon where Easter falls. The Summer term usually starts two weeks after the break for Easter and ends around one week before the schools break up for the Summer Holidays.


We do not swim during half terms, and follow the Surrey County Council Schools half term dates, normally taking out both Saturdays in any half term, it is very complicated to take on board The Private Schools and Schools that are outside Surrey County Council area. We are also aware that many schools are taking a fortnight for their half term holidays, however, the difficulty for us in trying to follow this programme is we would shorten our termly swimming programme which is already quite tight for getting through the work we expect from our swimmers.


These are expected termly before the swimming starts, we accept cheques or you can pay by BACS. Please refer to our Aquarius Organiser programme and use your access code to see your termly fees and exact dates, read about methods to pay. We have a printable sheet for our swimmers and their carers available there, you can download this to have available.

Booking lessons

Lessons must be booked in advance. To enable you to do this, we accept a post-dated cheque which we ask you to hand in to the teacher during the last two weeks of the previous term.

To make our administration easier, please write the following on the back of your cheque:

  • your swimmers’ names
  • your phone number
  • the day of the week, venue and time of the session you are rebooking


If doing an internet transfer please read the instructions below or download our letter to help you to help us to get this right.

Our bank details are:

Sort Code: 60-04-35
Account number: 11050500
Account name: Aquarius Swimming Club

Please note that we would like one payment per swimmer, so if you have more than one child swimming with us please can they be on separate transfers & reference numbers.

Reference Number of 15 digits to be - venue code + swimmers surname and initial + last 6 digits of telephone number


Anthea Gowar, swims on a Saturday at Warlingham

S W G O W Q R A 3 4 2 2 7 0

John Smithson swims on a Friday at Oakhyrst

F O S M I T H S J 1 2 3 4 5 6

Katie Johnson swims on a Thursday at Limpsfield Grange

T L J O H N S O K 9 8 7 6 5 4

Once you have made the transfer please inform the lead teacher at your session. This will be done by a log that will ask you to put the swimmers name, amount transferred and date of transfer.

Venue codes:

Day Venue Code
Monday Warlingham MW
Tuesday Oakhyrst TO
Wednesday Oakhyrst




Thursday Limpsfield Grange

Marden Lodge



Friday Caterham






Saturday Limpsfield Grange

Moor House







Terms & Conditions, and Matters of Importance

  1. If a parent wishes to withdraw their child during the first week of the term, Aquarius is willing to reimburse half of that term’s fees. If medical reasons (supported by a doctor’s note) mean that a child needs to take a minimum of 6 weeks off, half of that term’s fees can be reimbursed. If medical reasons supported by a doctor's note mean a child needs to take a whole term off, we can 'hold' a space for the following term. However, we need to be notified before the start of the term if the place is to be taken up again.
  2. So that swimmers can be found a suitable class and venue, Aquarius offers new pupils a tryout lesson — if they are not completely happy they do not pay for the lesson. Aquarius will then offer a second tryout lesson at another venue.
  3. When a swimmer is not under the direct supervision of an instructor in the pool, that swimmer is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  4. All spectators and any 'spare' children not being taught must remain within the pool spectator area. Children playing outside in the grounds of the facilities that are used by Aquarius are the responsibility of parents and guardians and must be supervised at all times.
  5. Aquarius has a code of conduct that all swimmers and parents must abide by: respect and courteous behaviour are expected at all times towards each other, the teachers, other personnel and spectators who attend classes or who watch classes.
  6. Pupils whose behaviour falls below an acceptable standard will be excluded.
  7. Lost property is always left at the venue by teachers so that parents may return quickly to retrieve any missing items. We do not take items home with us, unless we consider them to be valuable. In these cases, please phone us.
  8. Food and drink are not permitted around the pool area. Spectators must take food wrappers, empty drink bottles etc away with them.
  9. Changing rooms — when changing, all children must be supervised by parents or guardians. If parents are leaving children unsupervised, or wish to leave older swimmers on their own, please let the teacher in charge of the session know at the start of the term.
  10. Attendance is recorded every week by the teacher in charge of the class.
  11. We do not like swimmers to wait outside the venue for collection by parents and guardians. We prefer swimmers of all ages to be collected from inside the premises.
  12. Please let the teacher in charge know if you are likely to be delayed getting back to collect a swimmer. If there is a really important reason why you cannot get back in time for a swimmer, please let us know on one of our main phone numbers, and we will contact the teacher in charge by mobile.

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