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  All Aquarius teachers:
  • have undertaken ASA training to level one or two
  • are insured with Institute of Swimming (IoS)
  • are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau
  • are expected to attend Child Protection courses
  • hold a current NRASTC Lifesaving Certificate
  • undertake continuous professional development

Our teachers are very experienced, and many have shown great loyalty to the club, having worked for us for many years.

Most of them were originally pupils who have worked their way up through the club, taking advantage of our in-house teacher mentoring before doing their ASA qualifications.

At around 11–12 years an Aquarius club swimmer can apply for a position as a helper, and when this works out we are pleased to support their efforts which can lead be a Level 1 Teacher at 16 years old. Initially we will check we have a vacancy, when we have we will work with the new helper and do what we can support them. Up to 16 years old, all helpers have to undertake compulsory Staff Training, two sessions annually. Once they reach 16 they will be expected to take their NRASTC, National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches, if it is appropriate and our helpers appear to be progressing well, we will encourage them to take their Level 1 ASA Swimming Teachers Award. We don’t always have vacancies and sometimes have more potential Level 1 teachers than we have teaching posts, but we do seem to eventually get everyone into the right slot.

You can identify qualified teachers by their black polo shirt or T-shirt. Helpers, both in and out of the water, wear a white and grey T-shirt.

Read our ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming parental guide.

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