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Why do we ask you to register your Swimmer with us? It is so we can keep in touch with essential information we know that this is the quickest and most successful way to keep you updated on everything that is happening. We like to have the basic information on your swimmer for our teachers registers, and use the mobile phone number for emergency use only.

There is a form here which you can download to use or you can follow our email registration by writing in and giving us the points requested. We are happy for either way, as it is providing us with what we need to keep in touch with you. Please only give us phone numbers and email addresses that you will be able to respond to quickly.

  1. Click on the registration form.

  2. Save the form to your computer by clicking on the arrow pointing downwards, top right hand area in the grey background. (If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here...)

  3. Save to a place on your own computer/handset

  4. Fill it in and click SAVE.

  5. Send the form to: and as a back up

    If you're using a mobile handset, Acrobat Reader should give you the option to send the form directly from the app (click on the box with the upward arrow).


We are very happy to have the information requested on this form sent to us by email from your email address, essential information for us to have is:

  • Swimmer’s name (s)
  • Date of Birth for each swimmer being registered
  • An email address where all notifications will be received quickly
  • A mobile phone number that is visible on a daily basis
  • Which venue / time / class your swimmer (s) is (are) registering to
  • That you are giving permission for us to include your swimmer in publicity. (we always try to notify parents if this is likely to happen)


Shortly after you send in your Registration form you will receive an email welcoming you to Aquarius Swimming Club, giving you information and you will receive a Username (numerical) and Password to log into your own page.

Go to the club organiser site...

While you are logged in, take a look at 'documents' where you will find our term dates and fees. There is also a Calendar on the Home page, click on the yellow boxes, you will see our term dates there also.


As you are probably aware the General Data Protection (GDPR) is into force from 25th May 2018.  This new regulation affects how organisations can collect and store your data.

When you register your swimmer you give us permission to store minimal data, and if you are happy for us to use the data for the purpose described then you do not need to do anything, if you need to discuss it with us, or want information on how we collect and process this information, please contact us at

The member receives a personal data page with a private login, and at any time this data can be checked, amended or deleted. 

We keep a name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email contact address and we have requested personal health information that is relevant to us as teachers of swimming, and finally permission for publicity.  All this data is kept with a password and in one place and you share the access with us to it.

When a member leaves Aquarius Swimming Club, we keep a Leavers file for a short while in the event the swimmer returns, then we delete the member from our system.

As a member of Aquarius Swimming Club, we would like to be able to send you updates, notifications of pool closures and reopening’s, term dates and fees, information on events and activities.  Your information will only be used for this purpose.

Without it you will not receive information in respect of Pool Closures for instance, and there is nothing we would be able to do without your email and mobile phone number for example to stop you having a wasted trip to the Pool when it is not open.

We will never give this information to any other organisation and you may of course ask for your details to cease to be used in this manner.



"It's so good meeting the children of past pupils when they
begin their lessons too." — Aquarius teacher

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