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Day Venue Time Course
Mon Warlingham School 4:30–8.30pm Beginners, improvers and lengths to post Gold and Lifesaving
Warlingham School 7.00-8.30pm Survive and Save up to Bronze Standard
Tues Oakhyrst School 5.00–6.30pm Beginners, improvers to weak lengths
Weds Warlingham School 4.30–7.45pm Beginners, improvers and lengths to post Gold
Warlingham School 7.45–8.45pm Tandridge Aquarius Swim Squad
Thur Limpsfield Grange School 4.15–6.15pm Beginners, improvers to weak lengths
Fri Oakhyrst School 5.00–6.45pm Beginners, improvers to weak lengths
Caterham School 6.30–8.00pm Lifesaving, Survive and Save Silver / Gold standard, NPLQ ongoing
Sat Oakhyrst School 8.45–11.15am Adult, Baby and Todlers
Beginners, improvers to weak lengths
Warlingham School 9.00–11.15am Beginners, improvers to Gold Challenge
Moorhouse, Hurst Green 8.30–11.00am Lengths to post Gold
Limpsfield Grange School 8.30–12.00 noon Adult and child, beginners, improvers / weak lengths
Sun Moorhouse 9.00am–11:00am Beginners, improvers, lengths and Challenge swimming
Sun Caterham School 11.00am–12:00pm Tandridge Aquarius Swim Squad

All half hour classes:

  • Adult and baby — baby from first injection onwards, say around 4 months
  • Adult and child — child up to 3+ years, accompanying adult gets into the water
  • Beginner from 4 years on and not able to swim
  • Improver — swimming 5 meters and more, not confident in the deep end yet
  • Deep widths — swimming over deep water. 25m – 50m swimmer
  • Weak lengths — swimming lengths. Up to 200m swimmer

All 45 minute classes:

  • lengths from 200 metres onwards graded according to ability and strength.

Lifesaving for any swimmer over 9 years, classes arranged according to award and age.

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