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  As swimmers learn and develop we encourage and mark their progress in both swimming skills and distances using ASA, RLSS and STA national awards. This framework provides a comprehensive lesson development guide for our teachers.

Each swimmer receives an individual record card to mark his or her own progress — we want swimmers to feel pleased with their development as well as having fun while they learn.

Read our ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming parental guide. See our syllabus for badges.

We start our classes with Adult & Child (following first inoculations) called Adult and Child in our weekly timetable. Once children are happy to let their carers go, we are happy to have the children swimming without their carers in the water, and then take individual swimmers and non-swimmers from approaching four years old.

At the beginner level we have in-water assistant helpers in water shallow enough to stand in, before moving on to deep widths. At this stage, we emphasise swimming technique and water confidence rather than distance.

Once swimmers have good technique and strength, we move them on to lengths classes.

As the learning progresses, we begin to introduce other aquatic activities in class, like water polo, synchronised swimming, diving and lifesaving.

IS there any literature I can read on the NPTS?

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